Private singing lessons are focused on allowing each student to explore and develop their own unique instrument and achieve their own specific goals. Certified in Somatic Voice Works ™, I specialize in teaching Contemporary Commercial Music (non-classical music styles). Students may choose songs from a broad range of musical styles (pop, rock, musical theatre, jazz, country, classical etc.) Preparation for recitals, music festivals, competitions, auditions, exams or simply personal enrichment are some of the goals students may choose to set for themselves. 


Piano lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of individual students, from exam preparation to popular music. My focus is on imparting students with solid reading and rhythmic skills that will be the foundation for all musical endeavours they may choose. 


Theory is taught either privately or in groups, from Preliminary Rudiments to Harmony V, with focus on preparation for RCM exams. (There are theory co-requisites for students who choose to take piano and voice exams through the Royal Conservatory).